Pertubuhan Doktor-Doktor Islam Malaysia

Peneraju Kesihatan Ummah

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Pertubuhan Doktor-Doktor Islam Malaysia

Peneraju Kesihatan Ummah

Keynote Address by PERDIM PRESIDENT

Perdim is the Organization of Malaysian Muslim Doctors and its establishment is very important as it marks a page in history whereby for the first time, Muslim doctors in Malaysia are unified under one roof for the collective well-being and for the benefit of the nation’s ummah.

It’s core value is based on directions and goals that are in harmony with the Islamic core values in which the syahadah (testimony) and iman (faith) form the backbone of our labours and direct our every step. Let us be united and steadfast in His mercy. Such is the words of wisdom.

We are thankful for the establishment of Perdim because with Perdim, we are united and by being united, we will be strong, our interests will be protected, our voices will roar and will be heard. Let us march together to a more brilliant future with Islam as a guiding light. And let us be united in thought and purpose under Perdim, in strengthening the unity of the ummah with love and affection.

One of the major tasks of Perdim is to improve and enhance the system of private clinics in terms of professionalism and services rendered. It is crucial that with the enhancement that will be implemented later, the healthcare system is still made affordable to all Malaysians.

Perdim is a proactive organization and will continue to actively engage in this enhancement process and reject any changes in the system that is not necessarily good for the country as a whole and the Malaysian public in particular. In fact, it has been proven that other countries are now aspiring to emulate our system. Perdim wants to perpetuate this “affordable” and “reachable” health system because this is the meaning of wellness.

This wellness must be maintained for the ummah, the people and the nation in particular. Currently, Perdim has reached a considerably good position whereby Perdim is not only the driver but also leads in related discussions at the national level. We are also proud to announce that Perdim has been successful in bringing together other doctors’ unions to both engage and unite with us in the struggle. Other unions have been able to sense the aura of the Perdim. And this is very important. This aura causes the others to follow-suit and join together. They can recognize a genuine and sincere struggle that is devoid of personal

Perdim is also currently playing an active role as well as being a catalyst and mobilizer to cooperate with the various bodies and unions of doctors in Malaysia and abroad in professional medical knowledge programs as well as in the resolution of various health problems through an Islamic perspective. Perdim also serves as a liaising body to all Islamic professional entrepreneurs over the various fields in this country and throughout the world In short, Perdim advocates the unification of the universal ummah regardless of geographical borders.

The Malaysian Islamic doctors have initiated a step. The first step is very important in every struggle. May God be with us in the Perdim. Perdim is the driver for the wellness of the ummah.

Kami amat mengalu-alukan penyertaan anda!

PERDIM mewakili doktor-doktor GP Islam seMalaysia, platform bagi ahli-ahli untuk bersatu & bertindak

Bagaimanakah untuk mendaftar?

Untuk menjadi ahli Perdim, anda hanya perlu mendaftar dengan membuat bayaran seperti berikut :

1. Yuran ahli biasa : RM200 - (Ahli biasa perlu memperbaharui yuran tahunan Rm100 setahun)

2. Yuran ahli seumur hidup : RM500 (Tiada pembaharuan ahli)

Untuk maklumat lebih lanjut dan mengetahui lebih terperinci tentang pertubuhan ini anda boleh hubungi terus :

Cik husna 0132448176

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Alamat : 3495, Garden Steer, Jinjang Utara, 52000 Kuala Lumpur.

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